5 Guys You Should Have Fun With Before Marriage


flirting with a fling
You haven't lived until you've bagged, er, "had a fling" with these guys.

4.) The super, duper, crazy successful guy

You know the type. The ones who somehow glided into adulthood, made all the right decisions, deals, dollars and now bathes in Evian. The man who thinks living in a one-bedroom apartment is "roughing it" and wouldn't dream of going spring clothes shopping at underrated boutiques like Target. No, not the trust funder (that's no fun) but rather the self-made Big Shot who believes in Projecting An Image Of Success At All Times. Yes, him. Keep your snarks to yourself and eat your fancy dinner.

5.) The guy you'd never be into. Ever.

Sure he's cute and charming (or at least not ugly), but he isn't your thing. Never will be. The conversation follows a rocky, jumbled, mismatched path but his hipbones are doing mysterious things to you. Oh, loosen up and give him a shot. You only live once.