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The Love Files: Army of One?


During my search for my ideal, i have been on quite a few dating sites... you name it i have been on it. i have been on sites for geeks who want love to dog lovers for human love. what can i say i am a hopefull romantic. my latest site is an interracial dating site because i am very open minded of course. since i had signed on , i am getting the most activity i have ever gotten on any site.
for the past  three weeks i have been talking to this great guy,whom i am very very attracted too. lets call him officer big red. he works for the military. we have been emailing and chatting on the phone,our phone chats often lead to lewd  behaviour. i dont know what is about this guy that drives me wild. we have not had an official date ye, but hopefuly it will be this weekend. i dont know if i really like this guy or am i so attracted to him im not bieng logical. i having thoughts in my head of sleeping with him on our first date which i know i shouldent do. i have started my venture back into the dating world last november and it has been a wild ride  and i am ready to get pulled over. we have been talking almost everyday but i kind of want to distance myself i dont want to make myself t available to him i dont know if that sillly. i have beenout of the dating game for a while so some things i just not sure about. im hopeing to see him this weekend, i keep u posted


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