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Springsteen Refutes Against Affair Allegations

bruce springsteen and patti scialfa

Arthur Kelly alleges that The Boss hogged his wife.

According to, Bruce Springsteen is denying any sort of wrongdoing in regard to the divorce between Ann Kelly and Arthur Kelly. Per Arthur Kelly, The Boss was hogging his wife.

Bruce Springsteen insists that Arthur Kelly is out-of-line and a spokesman says that the king of blue collar America stands by a statement he made years ago regarding his fidelity to wife Patti Scialfa. The whole explanation is detailed on

Part of the Springsteen legend involves how he and Patti Scialfa came to be a couple. Tunnel Of Love (the album, the song and the tour) described in some detail and some metaphor the breakdown of his marriage to Julianne Phillips and provided a segue into his relationship with Patti Scialfa, whom he subsequently married two-ish years after divorcing Phillips. Much hay (hey-hey-hey) was made by the media regarding Scialfa's role in the terminus of Springsteen's marriage (cuddle up, little dove).

But whatever happened betwixt Scialfa and Springsteen is not, necessarily, a reason to believe anything about the left-leaning rocker's current fidelity. To be perfectly honest, we're willing to believe more than one New Jersey husband has suspected the local demi-god of spoiling his marital bliss. And we're willing to believe that more than one New Jersey wife has conducted an illicit (but imaginary) affair with The Boss. (Same goes for Jon Bon Jovi, but to a slightly lesser but sexier degree.) The important thing that we need to remember before we convict Springsteen in the court of public opinion is that we need proof. If it is proved true, we need to take into account that he's probably due a broken home or two considering the number of Jerseyites that his message music has brought together.

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