Real Life: What Made Me Cheat


Real Life: What Made Me Cheat

I mentioned him helping out around the house, and I'd ask or drop hints...but I never actually bitched at him or nagged him to do things.

I expected him to act as a responsible adult and take care of at least part of the responsibilities.


I mean, he didn't even take the trash out on the days he knew the garbage truck was coming. As Christmas was approaching, my Grandmother (and last remaining grand-parent) had been ill, and she'd lived with my Mother for nearly two years and I had helped my Mother to care for her, because she'd taken care of my brothers and I when we were little. She was my Grandmother and she deserved to be taken care of when she could no longer do anything for herself.

I worked on Christmas day until 2pm. My boyfriend had gone to his Mother's and brother's houses and done the Christmas thing with him, and I was at home after work... Alone. My Grandmother was being released from the hospital that day following a couple day's stay for flu-like symptoms. In the evening, my brothers and I descended upon our parent's house for Christmas. He still wasn't back. I'd been texting him, and he'd say he was on his way, and then he was at our house, and he was going to unload his gifts, and he'd come up to my parents house (a mile away). We'd waited for him for a little while, and then started opening gifts, and I'd send him a text asking him if he was coming or not, and finally he said that he wasn't. I was disappointed. So, eventually I went home and he and I opened gifts and yet another crappy Christmas...but after the first two we'd spent together... I didn't expect much and I'd actually not spent very much on him for 2008 because of that fact. Why waste your money on something expensive for someone when you get a $10 t-shirt in return? (Not that those things matter - it's the point of it)

Well, three days after Christmas... my Grandmother died. (I told you that earlier blurb would be important)

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