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The Single - El Solo Lupo.


I have read on a few articles about being single and how people react to it, but this blog is going to be the married peoples' reaction to people like me that are single in our 30's.

Most married people that are newly married or have been married less then 7 years all say that marriage is the best. The married people that are 20 years and more of being married always tell me 'NEVER GET MARRIED'. My late Grandfather was married over 40 years and he told me to get married at 77 - that way you have at least 5 years to be married before one of the two of you pass away. Italian Grandfathers are the best! All we get as single is ADVICE from the married pathetic couples out there. We do not need advice, because we are the next Generation of singles that will not settle or get those 4's and 5's looking people in our lives - their are better and more attractive women for us men; and 167 countries and 49 more states - we HAVE NO NEED to settle. EVER!


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