The "Other Woman" shares advice


The "Other Woman" shares advice

I also get rather irritated with wives and girlfriends who always suspect the girl at work. In my case, majority of the time, as I mentioned, we're the best friend or sister that you don't know about...and he likes it that way. Very seldom are we "work wives" but it does happen from time to time. Furthermore, the more insight we get into his personal problems...the less interested we become (in him as a partner). I have gotten involved with an individual at work, and a married man at that. However, his wife is clingy (he HAS to eat lunch with her everyday), she's jealous, she's controlling, she's obsessive, she accusses him of everything under the sun, she bitches, she rants, she raves, she's stalked him at work, and I'd be willing to classify her as "psycho," and he's not getting any to boot. You're talking about a handsome man that would be any woman's dream (including mine). She talks down to him, hangs up on him, sends him nasty emails... and all the while I say, why the hell do you tolerate this?

You've got options, not saying that I'm his only option, because Lord knows I'm not, but he has options. There are other people who would love to have a chance with him and he stays with this woman who is verbally and emotionally abusive. You can not blame him for looking elsewhere. You can not blame him for wanting a comforting voice and reassurance. And you can't blame me for giving him my world, because he's worth it. Obviously she's missing something because he's a truly wonderful man and I'd be glad to take him off of her hands. I'm not working to break their marriage up by any means, but I am the "other woman."


I see that our men in public safety are some of the most neglected men around. Sure, they're rough and tough, don't show feeling or emotion, and most women just have fantasies about a man with a badge, but these guys desire reassurance and comfort...because they can not get it at home. Furthermore, if you're married to or dating a man in this field...

DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT upset him before or during work.

He has his life on the line while he's on duty and he does not need you whining, complaining, or bitching at him in the process.

I suppose I am looking for meaning in why everyone obsesses over cheaters and cheating. In all actuality, I've never seen what the fuss was all about.