5 First Date Tips For The Ladies


5 First Date Tips For The Ladies
A few fail-safe tips to ensure date numero dos.

Did you have a wacky childhood? Have phobias involving certain types of chairs? Hand-washing rituals that require a sanitizer tube in your pocket at all times? Yeah. Great. Keep it to yourself. While your friends may encourage and accept all of this, don't overindulge with someone who may not be ready for this type of discretion.  This is the case even if you're even on a date with a psychatrist. Even therapists are off the clock when forking tiramisu and mixing cream into their coffee. 

5.) You have to "get up early tomorrow."

This is the best way to end a first date. Trust us. Don't be rude or give an air of uninterest, but make it seem as if you have a commitment of some sort to rise and shine for early tomorrow. Even if it's a Friday or Saturday night, call it quits before you get into the a.m. If you can, of course. Movie tickets or whatnot may prevent a strict timetable, but it's best to take control of the situation earlier rather than later. A predestined end-time will also cut down on the chances of violating #1, too. Keep it classy, ladies. If he's meant to be, you'll have plenty of opportunity to get in trouble late night.

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