#1. Thoughts on Love


My intention is to be love, express it and i realize that the more love i embody the more love i receive. But im not receiving it only from others, I am receiving it from myself!! And it feels good. It feels good to be of service to others, to give hugs, massages, cook for others, listen. And some days i feel drained and I go into self reserve mode, and I get frustrated. I admit i have those days. The one thing that has me feel better is putting my attention outwards in a loving way. I want to live in each moment fully and presently and be free to express myself fully in that moment without exclusivity to any part of my being of expression. We tend to have relationships with people, monogamous relationships, where we express ourselves to one person fully, openly, sexually, emotionally, mentally, and tend to get caught up in that relationship as the only person to fulfill our needs, and the only person to have sexual relations with. Why do we put such exclusivity on our sex organs? Why do we get so jealous about lovers experiencing pleasure by another person sexually? We have multiple emotional relationships with people, why not sexually? I know its difficult to go through all the emotions involved with watching a lover, someone you are sooo deeply emotionally invested in, go be intimate and happy with another. Our relationship with that lover may feel threatened. We tend to lessen it in value, compare it to the other relationships. We tend to focus on whats lacking instead of the positive aspects; the unity of it. I have felt jealous of another lover's relationship with someone else because they have something we don't. They share something we don't. I want that. Want want want. Instead i realized that me and my lover have something that's different than her and her other lover and it is just as unique and beautiful. I focus on the creation between us and how it can't possibly be the same as any other relationship we both have with others. That's the thing.. All relationships are unique, different and beautiful. They are experiences that show us parts of ourselves that we challenge to face, or admire, or desire to be more like. I have to come back to that all the time. Focus on the positive. Key to life right? When we choose positivity and love instead of fear we progress. We feel warmth and security in the universe, or at least i know i do. I feel taken care of because I am putting out positive energy i know will return to me. I become more mindful of my negativity and choose to act to change it a lot sooner now than ever. And I feel just a little bit more enlightened and able to have positive influence on others. There is so much connection to be had between people. Why limit love to between just two people? Why limit sexual exploration and physical expression of love to just between two people? Those are my thoughts.... my philosophy of relationship. I'll leave you with that.

Much Love

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