Introducing Justin


"I wanted to get to jnow the lady with the cute accent! (yes i have 1 im from Switzerland(
He also told me he was a single part time parent of an eight month old daughter, and asked if it would be ok with me to meet up with him the next day, and I agreed.

So before the call ended I asked, Tell me Justin, how old are you!?
I about fainted when he replied that he just turned 21 in june '08  OH MY!
We said goodbye, and I hung up the phone and cracked up laughing.
My friend Phil who overheard the whole phone conversation, said well that seemed to have been a nice guy...............My reply was  Yeah he seems so A 21 yr old guy.!
I didnt think much about it, afterall, what in the heck would I have in common with a 21yr old?
But all by all, I would be delighted to meet up with Justin the next day, afterall he could become a friend????

(keep coming back 2 read the story of Justin&I continued )