Mayer Expands From Twitter To Breakup Songs


Mayer Expands From Twitter To Breakup Songs
John’s new heartbreak song is the latest in a long line of revenge tunes.

Carly Simon, "You're So Vain." One of the great unsolved mysteries of 20th-century pop music is the subject of Simon's 1972 hit. Is it Warren Beatty? James Taylor? Mick Jagger? Since anyone who takes credit for being the object of Simon's scorn would be admitting that he probably thinks the song is about him, we may never know. But we sure are glad we never made Carly angry.

Justin Timberlake, "Cry Me a River." Living well may be the best revenge, but a number-one hit excoriating your cheating lover isn't too shabby. Timberlake allegedly wrote the song after he discovered Britney Spears had shagged her choreographer, Wade Robson. Timberlake went on to relationships with Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel. Britney, um, well. You know. Point: Justin.


Beyoncé, "Irreplaceable." Miss B seems to have a good thing going with Jay-z, but should he ever get out of line, this song from her 2006 album, B'Day, tells a mooching, cheating man where to get off. At least she's lady enough to call the dog a cab.

Kelis, Caught Out There." Well, don't be coy, Kelis. Tell us how you really feel. The Neptunes-produced single from Kelis's 1999 debut album, Kaleidoscope, is a raw scream of betrayal. It may not be elegant, but it's effective.

Via People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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