when it doesn't work


when it doesn't work

I mean he can "say" whatever he wants to say but the fact is he lied to me how am i supposed to believe anything ? We have an issue with the way he speaks about and to my mother that I have tried to address but there still is no respect. I would never speak to anyone in his family that way. And the communication between us is limited to text messaging. I told him I was moving out. We needed to separate, he needed to find himself and figure out if he really wanted be married. I too need myself because right now i feel lost, like an empty shell of a person. 5 months ago i was full of life and Happiness. If this relationship can suck that out of so quickly there has to be something wrong, right ?  Then last night I tried to tlak to him again. I am trying to be civil. I know I am moving and most of what is in the house is mine, I wanted to discuss leaving some things for him. He refuses to talk to me about it then gets on the phone with his brother to tell him "she's taking all her shit, I'm not gonna have anything" . What ?! I am staying there for 2 weeks to help him pay the rent because he hasnt got any money, i paid all the bills for the month and I am trying to leave him some furniture, the entertainment center, the kitchen table, the bed. Even in the face of the worst time of my life i am still trying to be nice to him and he is acting like the biggest asshole ever ? I dont understand. Where did i go wrong ?  


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