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Halle Berry Not Sure About More Kids


The Oscar winner is on the fence about adding to the family.

Late last year we told you Halle Berry’s baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, had said that they wanted to add to their family as soon as possible after the birth of their daughter, Nahla in March 2008. However, it appears that he might have spoken too soon. Halle recently said she’s not sure about adding to the family, saying on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that airs on March 31, "Yeah, my mind says yes, but the rest isn't up to me -- so we'll see." She went on to say that even if they do add to the family, don’t expect a whole house full of kids. The actress joked, "I hope I don't have, like, 14 more! That's all I hope."

Considering Halle is a woman who knows how to get her orgasms, we imagine that whether they add to the family or not, she’ll have a blast trying. Have fun, Halle!

Scoop courtesy of Us Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.


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