Single: You aren't incomplete

Single: You aren't incomplete

So I've had my share of letdowns.  I've let my emotions play games with me and have been left feeling selfish for ultimately acting on them.  Now, I'm back to a point where I realize that being single at my age isn't so bad, it's just hard.

I think for anyone at any age, it's hard to be single.  Unfortunately in my case, I've never had a boyfriend so I used to go looking for one for all the wrong reasons.  The fact that I even went looking for one was a wrong reason.

First off, I think before anyone decides they want a relationship they need to have confidence in themselfs or at least enough to say even without someone else there, they are complete.  Our society strives on the cliches of "my heart is only half without you" but in reality, there will always only be one person who knows you best and that's you. 

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to have someone there but I don't think you should be unhappy with being single.  Don't replace the world single with lonely because that just makes it seem a bit more depressing than it really is.  Now if you really are feeling lonely then maybe it isn't such a bad idea to get yourself on the dating scene.  There may be other remedies to solve that problem like take up some hobbies, buy a pet, etc.

People need to learn how to be self dependent before they depend on others.  It's just the reality of things.  Calling someone your boyfriend or girlfriend is different than calling them husband or wife with promises of forever.  And even in both of those examples there's never a guarantee of forever.  We'll always be 100 percent there for ourselves so we need to know how to depend on ourselves to survive.

The point of this is single life isn't so bad.  Sure we have to deal with the other couples out there and that is difficult but if we keep our heads up and obtain that moment of confidence then what do we have to lose?  Eventually we'll all find somebody but in that moment where your single, enjoy it.  I know I am and I've had a hard time accepting it.


(I meant no offense to anyone)


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