The Secret Tax-Related Infidelity


The Secret Tax-Related Infidelity

Excerpt 4:
It was not until we had our taxes done that I discovered we owed the IRS quite a bit more than I had anticipated. My husband making more money than I had been led to believe… I was angry with him and I was angry with myself for being so naive. To think I scrimped and saved and went without to help him afford to keep a mistress was more than I could bear.

We've written about financial infidelity, but we usually cover it from the female perspective—women who shop from the joint account and hide the receipts so their husbands won't know about their profligate ways. But the reverse financial is apparently more common than I thought.

What I took away from these essays is that if you let your spouse handle all the money you should always look at your tax return—even if you love and trust your him or her. Marriage is, in a large sense, about money—when you marry you merge your finances, so his credit is your credit, and vice versa. Husbands and wives are equally affected by one another's money habits, so you need to have a thorough understanding of your financial situation.  

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