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Camilla Belle Dumps Joe Jonas

Camilla Belle

The actress trades the teen idol in for a Spanish tennis pro.

Somewhere out there, Taylor Swift must be smiling. In what appears to be karmic justice for the speed dumped, it appears that Taylor’s ex, Joe Jonas, has been dumped by his most recent girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle. Belle has evidently upgraded to an older man, getting quite cozy with Spanish tennis pro Fernando Verdasco recently. The actress has been seen at quite a few of Verdasco’s matches since mid-March and a romantic and playful lunch last week tipped paparazzi off to the fact that the two might be an item.

We’re sure there are legions of tweens and Hollywood starlets that would love to take Camilla’s place so line up, ladies. There appears to be a slot open on tour to be a Joe Jonas Bonus.

Scoop courtesy of Zimbio. Photo courtesy of Splash News.


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