I Was A Groomzilla: Advice From The Trenches


groomzilla wedding engaged
Watch out ladies, Groomzilla is on the rise. A survivor tells his side of wedding-planning insanity.

You must prepare for Groomzilla. Be like the industrious squirrel. Pack away the tasty little nuts of information you find here. Save them for winter. You never know when you'll need to, um, eat one.

In closing, don't take changes with your wedding. It's too important. And too friggin' expensive.


The readiness is all. That's what Hamlet said, you know. And then he was poisoned by his old friend, Laertes.

So make yourself ready, little squirrel. Groomzilla is coming.

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Copyright 2009, Craig Bridger. All rights reserved. Reprinted by arrangement with Citadel Press/Kensington Publishing Corp.