Is It to Late to Find Soul Mate

Is It to Late to Find Soul Mate

My encouraging word to you is, “It’s Definitely Not to Late For You.” Certainly we know that the majority of people in life don’t find their Soul Mate, however, this is not the will of God. God doesn’t want you to be alone no more than you want to be alone, His thoughts toward you are success in every area of your life, God says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace (prosperity, success, goodness and peace), and not of evil (badness, disaster, calamity and failure), to give you an expected end ( a future, a hope and success).” Jeremiah 29:11


Most individuals never find their Soul Mate because they never discover how to “Crack the Soul Mate Code.” We have made finding our Soul Mate a rigorous, laborious and painstaking effort when it’s really so easy to do. You have within you the ability to attract your Soul Mate, you possess greater power and more possibilities than you can ever imagine. If you can begin to change your thinking and visualization you will present to God a new photo in the realm of your mind that will furnish the key to the attainment of your desire. The dominant thoughts in the innermost recesses of your heart is not attracting to you at this time your Soul Mate but repelling them from you. As much as your Soul Mate desire to find you right now he can’t because you haven’t convinced your heart that it’s ready to receive. Nevertheless be encouraged, your heart can be convinced and when this happens your Soul Mate will come forth to you as sure as the night follows the day. For “As he (she) thinketh in his(her) heart, so is he(she).”


The yearning in you is calling for the yearning in your Soul Mate.

The deep in your Soul Mate is calling for the deep in you.

The longing in you is calling for the longing in your Soul Mate,

The desire in your Soul Mate is calling for the desire in you.  Copyright (c) 2009 Dexter L. Jones --Ask the Relationship Experts


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