Cracking the Soul Mate Code


Cracking the Soul Mate Code

Systematic strategies are created to align that which has little or no order.


Taking our time to make wise and sound decisions will keep us on track, regardless of the type of grip that life may have on us. Thinking about what we are doing before we do it, is a great way to stay on top of our game.  We have to find a way to weigh the pros and the cons before making a permanent decision regarding something or someone that's designed to be temporary.  My friend, unwise decisions will keep us running from one thing to the next, or better yet, one person to the next; trying to find a quick fix or that quick niche that will pull us to and fro, not knowing which way to turn.   What should we do when life is pulling us in one direction and the people, places and things in our life is pulling us in a different direction?   My friend, when we are being pulled, tugged and pressed, that's our sign to standstill.   Of course, we may want to fix whatever it is or plead our case, but there are times when patience is the key. As a matter of fact, it is best not to make decisions when we are stressed, pressed or confused. 



In order to attract our soul mate we must clear our mind first, evaluate the situation or circumstance and then make a decision if need be.   This will definitely save time and energy from being wasted on undoing or redoing stuff that we should have waited on anyway. However, if you are comfortable where you are right now, then this report is not for you, but if you’re looking to make changes in your dead-end relationships then we want to encourage you that you don't have to settle in relationships, at this very moment your soul mate awaits but you will not attract them while you're settling in a dead-end-relationship.



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