Cracking the Soul Mate Code


Cracking the Soul Mate Code

Are You Ready to Meet Your Soul Mate?

By: Dexter L. Jones&Ruby Fleurcius



“Fear is the primary culprit of unequally yoked relationships.”



Yes, fear-fear of not finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. It is so amazing how fear will cause us to settle for inequality to fill the void of loneliness, insecurity and/or depression. Most often, we are afraid to admit that we are NOT trusting God, so we pick up anybody to change them to appear as if they are heaven sent.


If you want to find the person of your dreams there are some things you must know that are essential to finding your soul mate and life mate. We call a portion of this “knowing how to crack the soul mate code.”


However, in order to find or be found by that person there is a code that you must know in order to discover your soul mate. If you can crack this code it would take you out of the dating scene and place you in the presence of the one that was destined to be your soul mate and life mate.


You can know with complete certainty, no pie in the sky theories or hypothesis but a knowing and understanding of what it takes to find the love of your life. You came into this world with an inner knowing and an ability to open the relationship vault.

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