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And the dinky arguements continue


Well, where to start? Every couple goes through these (at least, i think). The childish daily argument! It almost seems at though one day cant go by without something coming up. Today, I woke up trying to forget what we fought about the night before that left me, well lets just say...dissatisfied. Any who, Steve picked me up from work and everything was great. We held hands and kissed. Once we got in the car though he started to insult me by calling me a pushover (because a coworker of mine was mean to me and i did nothing about it) well i was upset but kept my cool. Once we parked in front of my house i noticed that he had some vitamins in the car that smelled HORRIBLE! so i asked him to take them out. well instead he decided to crack one open and toss it on me while he laughed away. I walked away mad and sure enough he came right behind me laughing and trying to baby me. Well i pushed him off and yelled at him, "get the **** of me" wrong in my part and i usually dont snap, but God he pushed every button i had. He then slammed the door and took off. I feel fine though i would usually be sad, but truth is i dont feel i did wrong. I feel like he should apologize. right? So in conclusion. What's going on, why must we fight over the littlest things and why do guys think it's funny to piss of girls!?


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