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well my boyfriend and the father of my child recieved his income tax  refund recently, I was so not aware that he recieved any money@all. I currently am unemployed and I already recieved mine, which went towards bills and diapers and things like that we need such as household items. Well he spent all his money on his car and did not buy his son n-e thing and we are still in debt with the bills and I want to know if Im wrong for getting after him for spending all his money or its just his money?We fight so much now and I just recently found out im 6 wks pregnant my situation is getting worse I dont know if he's worth it anymore Im so confused i dunno... also he just went to Chicago to visit family and he did not leave me any money for his son. (diapers) Maybe Im just insecure or pregnant hormones kicking in? I mean Im getting to the point where I cant stand to look@him! He just doesnt understand why I get so angry with him to him its not that big of a deal but to me it is.


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