The Links: Exiting The Friend Zone & More


What is a fromance? What's the significance of the red apple?

It's link time, again, friendo. Lots of good stuff has been happening on the interweb lately and sometimes it's just too hard to find it all on your own. Without further ado, links:

Ever enter a dimension of not only sight and sound, but also of the mind? A journey of the imagination with a platonic member of your preferred gender? Ever want to get out of the Friend Zone? The Frisky explains how.


Dang it to H E double golf clubs. I had no idea that getting caught in Just Friends-istan was as much as an issue for women. Glamour's Smitten Blog says it is a problem and have even created a new portmanteau to describe it: fromance (which we figured was a love affair bushy-haired lads, but it's a fake romance with a friend).

Sometimes when you're proficient in calculus, you're a disaster when it comes to love. Thank Olympus that the Huffington Post's Dr. Alex Benzer has solutions for smart people who are unlucky at love. How annoying is it to hear, "if you're so smart, why are you still single?," over and over and over again? I don't think anyone has ever actually said that.

A little trivia from Cracked: the filthiest sex stories from the Bible. Not safe for work and you may be hit with lightning just clicking on this.

You know what the average guy fears more than a smite-y from the Almighty? Getting duped into sperm donorship. Lemondrop gives the four one one on a book that advises using a one-night stand as an adventure in baby-making. That collective thud was every man in the world slamming his fist down in disgust.

You know how the economy is sort of not good right now? The Daily Beast thinks this could be of benefit to bigger gals (BBWs* who are Triple B**). Apparently, when times are tough dudes are way more into ladies with more meat on their bones. Maybe it's a throwback to the Middle Ages, maybe we should all go read a Ken Follett novel or something.

Speaking of medieval customs, according to Jezebel, this ritual involving a red apple is still alive and kicking in Armenia. Essentially, the family of the groom ships a bucket of red apples to the bride's family if the wedding night sheets have a bit of blood on them (indicating that said bride was previously unexplored). Needless to say, lots of people don't like the custom.

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