Love Bytes: All Worked Up Over Something

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Misconceptions, double standards and fighting dirty.

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links.

Bachelors actually have less sex than most married couples and 9 other sex myths debunked. [Asylum]

If boys can wear pants to prom why can't lesbians? [Lemondrop]

Unlike some people we went to high school with, one Indiana teen is hoping to keep her pants on at the prom this year. The unnamed 17-year old lesbian is suing because she thinks Lebanon High School's dress code for prom, which obligates her to wear a dress to the dance, is discriminatory. In her opinion, dresses are not part of her sexual identity.

Storming out during a fight never works. Here's how to win. [Em and Lo]

Making a dramatic exit is not nearly as effective as Hollywood movies make it out to be. Your partner will most likely not chase after you, and you’ll just come across as childish and unattractive.



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