Why Your Sex Life Is A No-Brainer


woman sleeping alone
Over thinking your sex life can find you sleeping alone.

3. You've been pegged a "smarty." That means, you're sexual self may not be fully realized. It's hard to catch a fish without bait. That spiffy analogy was just for you, literary ones.

4. You have a hard time switching on your lizard brain. Ever wonder how after numbing some brain cells with a couple strong drinks, you're ultra smooth with the opposite sex? That's because you're not over-thinking everything. Let's face it, you’re not even thinking at all. You're reacting to hormones and Mother Nature.


5. You're too smart for love. Finding friends that are smart enough to tackle your impressive noggin is a feat. Finding similar qualities in a date seem altogether impossible. Instead, concentrate not so much on data retention, rather, on differences. The most intriguing people are those you can learn from. Hey, learning is something you're good at, remember?

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