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Thoughts On Love In Six Words

Buzz, Love

The YourTango staff—inspired by a new book—creates six-word memoirs about love and relationships.

Ah, love stories. The drama! The butterflies! The humor and heartache! Here at YourTango, we can't get enough of love and relationships (uh, clearly), but it's not often that we share our own tales. While writing "Love In The Time Of Twitter" about SMITH magazine's new book Six-Word Memoirs On Love & Heartbreak By Writers Famous & Obscure, I asked the YT team to contribute six-word love and relationship memoirs of their own. Here's the splendid collection.

I love you more. That's final.
Andrea, CEO and Founder

Six words is too short for…
—Brett, Executive Vice President, Interactive

I forgot you were with me.
Tom, General Manager and Tomfoolery blogger

I'll take more than one, please.
Sarah, Senior Editor

I love puppies more than you.
Nicole, Director, Strategy & Operations

Legs walking. Go. Stop. Go again.
Julie, Love Buzz blogger

Your MySpace page is killing me.
Kristen, intern

Roth IRA. Our super sexy talk.
Lyz, Community Manager

I'd like to phone a friend.
Genevieve, Associate Editor

Lied, pried, denied, spied, cried, survived.
Melanie, Director of Marketing & Business Development (caveat: not a personal story)


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