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Brody Jenner Dumps Girlfriend


The reality star will have more time for bromance as he is now single.

Got a crush on Brody Jenner? Well, it appears that while the reality star may have found Bromance, there's an opening in the actual romance department. Rumor has it that Brody dumped Playmate Jayde Nicole over the weekend after reportedly tiring of her incessant partying. Evidently the last straw came this weekend when according to sources Jayde got so wasted at Hollywood hotspot My House that Brody had to carry her out of the bar and care for her hangover the next day. Evidently, Brody had enough of the situation and decided to bounce with a source stating, "Jayde parties way too much and Brody couldn't deal with it any longer."

So, it looks like Brody is going it alone, sans Playmate. Wonder who Brody will go after now that Lauren Conrad doesn't appear to be available? Not sure but if you want a shot at the reality hottie, just remember the old adage, ladies: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Scoop courtesy of Star Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.



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