Three Strikes And This Guy Is OUT!


Three Strikes And This Guy Is OUT!

Friday he sent me an email. "I can't wait to meet you on
Sunday" he says and then adds, "Can you send me another photo – I’ve
stared at all of your photos on the site and I can't wait to see more of

So, I
send him another picture - only in this pic, my hair is curly - not straight.
It's cute. And I tell him I'll meet him on Sunday. 

And the next morning, I wake up to an email from him. And I
quote " Yeah, I don't really feel any physical chemistry to you so, if you
still want to meet for lunch, maybe we can just be friends? If so, Sunday at 2 pm." 


I replied with 3 sentences,  " Sure. Sunday. 2 pm."

STRIKE ONE: I want to see for myself - in person - just what a
jerk this open-minded, spiritually-enlightened person is for myself. Talk about
making a judgment before even seeing me in person! I like that restaurant. I
like to shop in that area. And, I can use him as a wing-man as I work the room
searching for a guy with manners and respect for me. GAME ON!
I will level him,

Dating is like playing chess. The Queen controls the board. I am
the Queen, heh heh...

Today is the day. Sunday.  I’m getting ready to go and VOILA – an EMAIL
flies in from this guy, Angus – asking for a rain check. He’s tired. His
brother was in the hospital all night with cramps, and HE’S so exhausted from
waiting at the hospital overnight, and he needs a nap. STRIKE 2! An email? That deserves a phone call.

But hey, he says he’ll call me tonight.

It’s after 8 pm. My cut-off time for phone calls is 9 pm.

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