The Man Panel: Sex (or) What Men Want

By YourTango

The Man Panel: Sex (or) What Men Want

es.  Supposedly, men are more basic.  As long as they see naked boobies and have their parts touched, they’re happy as clams.

But is this all men want?  According to the guys on February’s Man Panel, not even slightly.

The panelists’ desires were as diverse as their personalities.  Some said their hearts needed to be as stirred as their loins when doing the deed, others not so much.  Some believed sex on the first date cancels out the possibility of true love, others thought no time line offers guarantees.  Two wanted a woman with only a few notches on her bedpost, the rest felt better-suited to a gal whose bedpost could double as a Jackson Pollack painting.  


Like women, the panelists said, men can develop feelings for their “friends with benefits” and feel hurt when no relationship evolves.  They’re also just as worried about their lovers liking their bodies.  And get this.  Guys can fake the big-O.  Seems they sometimes lose steam, lose interest or just feel sorry for the poor gal laboring over them to no avail.  

In other words, male desire is neither simple nor fixed.   

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