The Man Panel: Sex (or) What Men Want

By YourTango

The Man Panel: Sex (or) What Men Want

Everyone wants to know what makes gals tick.  Universities do research, glossy magazines do surveys and Mel Gibson stops making Jesus-flogging films long enough to star in a movie declaring what women want.  Apparently, female sexuality is some elusive enigma, a riddle of biological labyrinths as profound and unknowable as God Herself.   <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

An article in last month’s New York Times drew many fascinating conclusions about female desire, mostly centering on the premise that women are just a bunch of voyeuristic floozies.  In one cited study, both men and women were presented with images of straight sex, male and female homosexual sex and…Bonobo chimpanzee sex.  Straight dudes only watched the girls.  Contrarily, women got randy watching everybody do it, including the, um, apes.  


Which begs the question: Why would anyone pay a university researcher to watch people watch monkeys screw?  Are there not diseases to cure and ozone holes to sew shut?   

These studies suggested women are open to varied forms of sexual expression because our sexuality is a discordant medley of physiological and psychological not

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