Why Men Love Strip Clubs


strip club
Em and Lo's Wise Guys explain why men covet lap dances.

3.) He Gets An Opportunity To Not Analyze A Woman's Emotions In Relation To His Erection

Woman are much more complicated when it comes to sexytimes. Often a naked woman's body could quickly be clothed if the wrong move is played or words are said. While men must be respectful to ladies in a strip club, no worries about the strippers getting upset for being objectified and putting on a pair of pants in response.

As married Matt says: "Do we believe that the strippers are enjoying themselves? I think it’s a suspension of disbelief while you’re on the premises. So no, most guys who are inside the strip club don’t care in that moment if the strippers are enjoying themselves, and don’t allow themselves to think about it too much, or they’d lose their erections and head for the door."

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