Do Regular Men Like To Be Dominated?

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Do regular dudes like to be dominated in bed? The Frisky investigates.

I haven't met many men that like to be dominated on a regular basis, but most gals I know like to take charge in the bedroom, at least from time to time. Aside from obvious dominate/submissive relationships, how do regular ol' Joes feel about women taking charge between the sheets, both is subtle ways—directing the positions and the pace—and with more obvious methods—spanking, restraints, etc.? I went to the guys on my IM to find out how they feel about being dominated.

Sample answers:
The Hipster Guy: I can say I don't like it all that much, that's for sure.

The Sensitive Guy: It rarely happens, but on the few occasions it does, I like it… Really, what's most fun about her being the leader is that she so clearly wants it.

The Brooding Law School Student: I have been tied up. I really liked it… I loved the trust involved in it. The sense of vulnerability.

The Experienced Guy
: I like it as a change of pace, but not as the default.

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