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I hate this part right here...

I hate this part right here...

I hate this part right here. The part called "The Inevitability of Goodbyes." It's time to say goodbye again, after only 4 weeks. He's packing up his life in two suitcases, taking a taste of home with him to hold close during the long nights to come. He is always leaving, pushing forward, burdened by a world crumbling to pieces. He's going off to save the world, one person at a time, one drop in the bucket at a time. Kenya is a world apart from snowy, cold Maine. The two shall meet as he carves out a place for himself in the flatlands of Africa.
 Everytime I throw a snowball at him, he breaks into gales of laughter, because we both know that he could take me down in one long leap. He's taller and stronger, and when I look into his face I see myself staring back at me in dimples and a crooked smile.
 How did this man become a man? There is no rewind to do it all over again. Wishing on a star is better left to princes and princesses in fairy tales. Fairy Godparents flew this coop a long time ago. And because I know it is his road to travel, I hug him and hold him in my heart, and send him off to Africa with a well aimed snowball to his back. One last shot for the boy I love and miss.
 Safe journey, brother.


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