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And Thanks for all the fish

And Thanks for all the fish

Mending a broken heart can take time if you are the sort to just keep jumping into relationships not giving yourself a chance to heal. Healing can take a long time if you keep repeating what is causing the pain the first place. Give yourself a chance to heal and the men you will date in the future, even the one who you are searching for will thank you.


Things to remember, when you are ready to date you will know it. Your life will feel right to you. You will be happy. Your happiness, your attitudes are big clues on starting the road to dating again.


No one is perfect, not even you. But you can find him it takes time and finding what you truly want helps. Learn to talk to your other half. Read him well you can tell if he is ready to listen or he’s just going to tune you out.


When you have been together for a long time don’t forget to date. Surprise him. Keep the spice alive. Yes love can be work but it is well worth it when you find the one that makes you feel whole.


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