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-ohkay thiis boii that iim kiickiinq iit wiit iis very hard to fiiqure owt.... one day we were on thee fone nd he asked whn was ii qoiinq to qiive hiim akiiss.....ii told whn we qo bak to skool..... boii do ii love kiiss ii thot whn he asked mhe that... buhh thn whn we were face to face.... somthiinq iin mii miind told mhe... yall moviinq to fast... so ii juh refused to qiive hiim one.... ii mean ii really want.... buhh liike 2 days later ii qave hiim a kiiss... buhh not a tonque kiiss.... nd thats wht he want... ii dnt knw wht to do whn ii qo bak to skooll.....??????????????;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;huhhhhhh thiis iis confusiinq...


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