Why Good Girls Want Bad Boys...And Why They Shouldn't

By YourTango

Why Good Girls Want Bad Boys...And Why They Shouldn't

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And intensity.  Good guys may challenge our minds, but bad boys test our mettle.  A significantly more erotic interplay.  

But there’s a fly in the ointment.  These boys rarely heal.  They just keep fighting, getting tattoos, puking up the bile of their own internal suffering and dribbling it into the lives of worn-out girlfriends.  Bad boys don’t care about a woman’s personal shit because they’re too busy continually stepping in their own.   


After ruining his life with boxing and booze, Mickey Rourke comes back to us with an Elephant-Man-meets-bloated-wino face, and a fat Chihuahua he says is his dearest friend.  During the pre-Oscar Barbara Walters interview, Mick gets all self-help on our asses and admits to having issues around abandonment and shame.  

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