Anyone care to read?


Anyone care to read?

I don't have any friends on here yet but whoever reads this please help! I'm single now but my ex is the sweetest guy ever, and when we were going out, he loved me and i could definately tell. I always heard how much he loved me and he told a lot people as soon as he could when we were dating. But he was such a flirt!!!!!! It made me horribly jealous but i let him do his thing, he never cheated on me and i know he always saw when i was jealous and would make up for it as soon as he could or he would stop flirting for my sake. Me and him broke up over mutual reasons and he is still a good friend of mine.
But #1- How can i find out if and how much he still loves me?
And #2- How should i deal with a little problem like that if it should ever arise (with another guy) again?

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