The man I hope to get into a more serious relationwhip with.


The man I hope to get into a more serious relationwhip with.

I meet this guy online at (really good free dating site.) The first day he sends me a message on the site and I replied to him almost instantly. From that day on we started of messaging each other, then it develop to text messages on the phone, and talking to each other on the phone.
The next day was Super Bowl Sunday, he decided that he wanted to come over and watch the game over at my place with my family due to his other plans had failed. But as much to my dismay, his friend got a hold of him before he could leave his place, so meeting him that day was a dud. We decided that we would met the next day on Monday. I drove near his house and waited for him to arrive at our meeting place so I could follow him to his house, after he went to the store and picked up his children from daycare. So my son and I meet him and his 2 children. That day, all we could do was talk more about our interests and we found out that we like a lot of the same things. And we both had a lot of crummy relationships, but all of his have always seem to end up with the girlfriend or wife cheating on him. Which is how his last relationship had ended after only 6 months, and has now been about a month since they broke up, and he was still recovering from the ordeal. I left his house later that evening, he walked me out to my car and gave me a hug, no kiss just a hug, I thought maybe he is a good guy and doesn't kiss on the first date. After I got home we talked on the phone before bed, and I thought again, it must not of been that bad if he is still talking to me. GOOD! A few days later I asked him why he didn't kiss me and he said "he doesn't kiss on the first date, and because he likes to torture himself.". I asked him "But how is a girl supposed to know if the guy likes her if he doesn't kiss her?" He replied "Girls like mystery" I told him "I don't like mystery, I like to KNOW." So the next time I saw him I grabbed him and kissed him hard just to make sure he got the point.
Now for the bad news:
I have come to figure out that he is not fully over the past break-up, the ex still had a key, and she had came over while he was at work and taken a few of her items. When he noticed the items were gone he asked her if she did and she got upset with him for asking her. Then she asked him if she could buy his bed, and at that point I told him its time to change the locks, she may take the bed while you are at work.


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