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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

I know that it is just a huge cliche...I it really did happen to me...I am currently going through a divorce right now...and I have been seeing this guy for a lil while really be honest with you when I first started talking to him...he is someone that I knew when I was in high school and I thought that I would never see him, talk to him again or much less hook up with him after high school...but we started talking to each other...we talked almost everyday...there was very few days that we did not speak to each other...and one conversation led to another and we eventually got on the subject of sex...and to be honest with you I just thought that is was basically gonna be a one night stand...and things would get weird between us...because of his reputation and partly because at first I was just using him as an excuse to make my decision final about filing for my divorce...boy was I wrong...things just kept on progressing even further...and my feelings grew for him...the more that I got to know him...which the person that I am, I am not good at letting people in or getting close to me and letting ppl know my feelings...I like to hide my feelings and I don't really feel sorry for no one...don't matter what kind of a situation they are in...I guess you could call me cold hearted...alot of ppl have but anyways...little did I know his feeling were growing for me and one night while we were talking he told me that he loved me...which kind of surprised me and scared me at the same time...I did not tell him that I loved him...I just told him (mind you a couple of days later when we were talking about it) that I could not falsely tell him that I loved him and not mean it with everything...which I did have feeling for him but I weren't sure that it was love...well I just was not ready to tell another man that I loved him...when everyone started finding out they told me and him that it was absolutely not to happen...but we stayed together...everyone telling us that they would make sure that it would not last...but I have news for everyone who will try to make it difficult for us...we are still together and there is nothing that you can do to change the way that we feel about each other...


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