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Is A-Rod Trying to Make Madonna Jealous?


The baseball star steps out with a new model in Miami.

Well, if Madonna is stepping out, baseball star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez has evidently decided two can play that game. While we’ve reported that Madonna has made quite the show of parading her new boy toy, model Jesus Luz, around town A-Rod has decided to get cozy with model Melissa Britos (Adrian Grenier’s ex) around Miami this past Valentine’s Day weekend. The two made quite a show of dining and cuddling in front of photographers, all while A-Rod was wearing his red Kabbalah string bracelet.

Isn’t this one-upmanship getting a little crazy? Madonna’s moved on to a younger model, A-Rod’s moved on to another younger model. So, can we safely say in this contest that the models appear to be winning? Do we think Madonna even cares that he had a date with another woman? These questions and more answered in a later edition of Celeb Love.

Scoop courtesy of OK! Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.


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