Love Bytes: Unique Online Dating Sites

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EHarmony, getting over jealousy and unique online dating sites.

Love Bytes: three must-click love and relationship links.

Erin from Glamour's Single-ish blog tries out eHarmony and reports back: too many guys that don't live near her, lots of suspect photos. [Single-ish]

On the other hand, the slow, "guided communication" is a nice buffer (no stalkers make it directly to my inbox). And maybe I shouldn't diss anyone who has been matched with me based on 29 Dimensions (TM) of compatibility. I mean, 29!

Is it possible to get over jealousy and enjoy a threesome or swinging? [Ask Dan and Jennifer TV]

Terminally ill? Love smoking pot? Looking for a May-December romance? Check out these unique online dating sites and know this: there is someone for everyone, and you can probably find them on the internet. [Mashable]


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