M.I.A. Has a Son

M.I.A. Has a Son

Rap star reports her birth post-Grammys on Myspace.

No reports of whether or not Paper Planes will decorate the nursery but singer M.I.A. has dropped her latest project: she had her baby! The Grammy-nominated star was precariously due to deliver the night of her Grammys performance but was able to hold out until Wednesday when her son was delivered in Los Angeles. M.I.A. reported on her Myspace blog that right after her Grammys performance, "MY EARLY STAGE LABOUR KICKED IN AROUND 2 AM … MY BABY WAS BORN WEDNESDAY, HE IS HEALTHY, FINE, BEAUTIFUL AND THE MOST AMZING THING EVER ON THIS PLANET, OF COURSE IM HIS MUM!!!" No name has been released but she and her fiancé, Benjamin Brewer, lead singer and guitarist of The Exit, are thrilled with their new addition.

Congratulations to the musical couple and we hope that their b.o.y. brings them lots of j.o.y.!

Scoop courtesy of People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.


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