Confessions of a Non-Shopaholic

By YourTango

Confessions of a Non-Shopaholic


But the grocery shopping…gets me every time.

Living in a city without a car makes the whole ordeal even more gruesome.  Try walking through a foot of New England snow while carrying four heavy, tragically defective plastic bags.  One inconvenient shift of a pizza box and a week’s worth of groceries go tumbling into a snow bank.  If there’s ever a time I miss an ex-boyfriend, it’s during the long walk home from my neighborhood supermarket. 


“Peter had such a nice, warm car,” I’ll think.  “If there was one thing I loved about Peter, it was how gallantly he carried grocery bags.” 

I assume there’s now a permanent fissure in the muscles between my shoulders and neck after years of schlepping bags around.  On the plus side, I’m developing biceps that would make Madonna cower in fear. 

Truth is grocery shopping is just an externalization of the harsh realities of being single.  Tough life decisions, disappointments and setbacks, the burden of trying to

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