Confessions of a Non-Shopaholic

By YourTango

Confessions of a Non-Shopaholic

In the aisles of my local Whole Foods, I hear adorable couples saying cute, couple-ish things – “Do we have soy milk?  Did we run out of basmati rice?” – just to drive home to us singles that no one’s concerned about our dairy intake or whether we’re getting our daily requirement of grains. 

Meanwhile in produce, I’m being loathed by the over-worked vegetable lady who I’ve just asked to slice a cabbage in half.  Later at the seafood counter, the old fish guy offers a merciful grin after I order a single filet of cod. 


“Poor child,” his smile seems to say.  “Let’s get you the biggest piece of fish we can find!” 

Loneliness, desperation and gloom are not emotions I feel on a regular basis as a single woman.  Sure, if a fairy came down to grant me three wishes, a sexy boyfriend might be first on the list.  As a married woman, there were days I would’ve given my life savings – the entire roll of quarters – to be single again, just as there are now days when I fantasize myself attached.  Mostly though, life is rich enough to keep a smile on my face.

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