Nannette LaRee's: VAMP'S NOTEBOOK:


Go online to, and purchase a replica of the original Playboy Club Bunny Costume. Put in on and serve him his favorite drink. Then ask him what he’d like as an appetizer before dinner.

Have a real tussle with him in bed by creating your own personal wrestling arena! You can order the Romance Wrestling Arena: it has four ring posts, four base plates and lots of red rope. Think of how much better your arguments will be with both of you naked in a wrestling ring! Go online right now and purchase this ingenious idea from:

Whether you’re simply in a man-drought or just want more Male, Dr. Winnifred Cutler just might be your Fairy Godmother. With a twirl of her magic chemical wand, Dr. Cutler has potioned a serum called ATHENA: Pheromone 10,13. 70% of the women who have mixed this synthesized pure human pheromone in their perfume, have seduced, swayed and snagged a boudoir of willful admires! For more information on how to get more Male, or simply keep the one you’re got sniffing around the house, contacted Dr. Cutler at:

 Contact any of the brothels in the State of Nevada, such as The Chicken Ranch, and ask the business office to please mail you one of their commercial-trade sex-menus. On an evening when you both have a lot of time for some fun, put a red-light in a bedroom lamp and throw-around satin pillows and soft, colorful blankets, then hand him the sex-menu and tell him you’ll give him his lay-of-choice. Offer him the complete Brothel treatment! 

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