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 Scarlet Magazine is a U.K.-based online magazine for women packed with frank informative features that talk the way women talk to each other when men aren’t around. Scarlet will never patronize you or support tired stereotypes~~~they know that all men are not bastards; that women can (and do) enjoy porn; and that most women do not all dream of being with a “Size 10” man. Scarlet’s features are very diverse…from the hilarious to the self-explanatory~~~such as The Worst Sex Tips Ever Written, to cutting-edge articles like A Hand-Job By Any Other Name…and reporting on the new craze of yoni (vulva) massage as a form of ‘alternative therapy’. Scarlet’s sex advice is more candid than you will find in any women’s lifestyle magazine, covering subjects from Abstinence to Strap-on Sex for Straight Couples. In Scarlet, they feature bestsellers and erotic books, mainstream Hollywood blockbusters alongside women-friendly adult films~~~making the point that women are just as visually aroused as men (a scientific fact) and that no sexual content should be a ‘taboo’! Scarlet also have a free newsletter that is wonderful, so please sign-up! Subscribe to Scarlet Magazine today!

Good Sex should never be A Treat for the Holiday or Valentine’s Day or on your man’s birthday…Good Sex should be The Staple...on a boring Wednesday or a lazy Saturday or any day of any month that has the letter “A” in it! I have always been so happy with the Intimate side of my Romantic Relationships because I wanted and chose to keep things Hot! Hot! Hot!...and I truly want you to Know how it feels to always desire your man, even when he’s behaving like a clueless asshole from another planet and you’d like nothing more than to smack him in the head with a please: spice-up your 2007 by making your Romantic Relationship a MUST on your To-Do List.

There are 32  percentage-off coupons from 32 popular romantically/sexually based Internet companies in the newly  2009 Revised version of my book “Creative Screwing: a woman’s guide to becoming an erotic enchantress of superlustful sex”…and as a thank you to me for putting their coupon in my book, Libby, who is the Marketing Queen at, Priority Mailed me a gigantic grown-up-girl goodie-box packed with many of’s supreme products…and I gleefully tell you that what Libby sent me totally redefines the word ‘goodie’.So…I re-packed many of those goodies and DHL-dropped some lusty romance into the Romantic Relationships of my girl-friends. Thank you to Libby and for providing some Summer-Sex-Sizzle into the lives of many of my girl-friends.

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