Nannette LaRee's: VAMP'S NOTEBOOK:


In fact, the grown-up Girl variety of painting, coloring and sticking glitter is way more fun than your fondest artistic childhood memories! You can rainbow-glitter your entire body from your neck to your feet, so that when you lay your naked self into him, the sparks really fly from your skin onto his. All that glitter leaves a trail of where you've been on him, and gives you bonus ideas of where you can explore him next...You can paint your body and his with neon glow-in-the-dark body paints or with neon glow-in-the-dark soft crayons; or with various fruit-flavored body paints and fruit-flavored soft crayons~~~and there is no getting in trouble if you write nasty words or draw dirty pictures! Not only do the fruit-flavored products taste really yummy and give you a whole new option in getting your daily nutrition, but the glow-in-the-dark products are so cool, you can light up a dark room with your body. You can also find chocolate-flavored body paint as well as multi-flavored whip creams, and make yourself an all-boy banana split...You can jump it up a notch if you want more adventurous playtime, to the land of Liquid Latex, where the colors are numerous and the recreation possibilities are endless! Liquid Latex yourself a pair of second-skin panties or Liquid Latex him a Chippendale’s-style male thong. One precaution though: you cannot Liquid Latex him a condom~although I’d have to admit getting knocked-up that way would definitely be the best failed birth-control story ever told!~Check out the body-à la mode products and more great grown-up Girl stuff, at is a delightful place “is an online boutique offering designer lingerie, adult sex toys, erotic fiction, games and gifts to enhance your love life…and it is not just about sex but the whole attitude to your relationship. So along with the vibrators and dildos you can find naughty notes to slip to your loved one, erotic fiction, romantic gifts, lingerie and pampering products to make you look and feel special. Spoil yourself or someone you love." When you’re done there, surf to this over-the-ocean it is a lovely discovery where you can purchase the most random of unique and explosive sex-essentials:...and there you will find sooooooooo many lovely naughties, it will put the USA to shame!

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