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*Mixed Drink Names

If you’ve been searching for something purely naughty or wickedly-nasty to email to your man, than you need to visit the #1 Naughty-Cards site on the web,! Send your man a FREE subtle or bluntly sexy invitation for a Night of Pleasure...or email him a nasty sinful summons! 

 If you’re looking for somequick inspiration for something unique and special to do for your man on a ‘blah-blah day’…than visit This website is worth the small membership fee~~~it features printable Love Poetry, printable Erotic Coupons, printable Romantic Cards…just to specify a few topics of Seductive Expertise offered at this site!


 Want to find the best Sex Everything? Than go online to, where they critique the complete sex industry, from erotica writings and nude photography, to xxx porno. If you want to become more comfortable with becoming his sex object, the site will also give you online addresses and links to other internet sites that feature “girl-next-door” photos, vintage pin-up girls and glamour nudes. One of my best girl-friends, Giovanna, had a glamour semi-nude, black-and-white photo taken for her husband for Valentine’s Day. Just seeing that picture on his dresser gives her a sex-shot-of-confidence boost every day...and it's something wonderful for him to look at as she has been in Iraq since September 2006. You have everything it takes to be sexually confident; all you need to do is explore your own imagination. 

Always make sure that you have your man’s favorite after-sex goodies on-hand~~~comfort foods such as:hot wings, cold/frozen pizza, chocolate chips cookies, potato chips, beer. If you are his wife, his live-in fiancée or his live-in girlfriend, continuing to do this deed for him will make it more extraordinary for him because this sort of romantic kindness regularly fades away after a relationship bonds and settles down. I’d also like to point-out that having all his favorite foods handy after sex can also double your pleasure. I don’t know about you, but I for one love a sugary strawberry sundae after a good hard fuck! If someone could manage to find a way to market a Porn and Oreos combo, shit, it would kick-up porn to a trillion dollar industry! 

Paint, crayons and glitterare no longer an exclusive activity for your pre/grade-schooler.

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