Nannette LaRee's: VAMP'S NOTEBOOK:


So, go to one of these parties or throw one yourself!

 Absolute Essentials for your Bedroom Box: a mellow CD with exclusive songs you’ve downloaded off the internet just for sex; breath mints for Before and After; two chilled mini bottled waters; a mini flashlight (so you won’t break the mood by switching on the light when searching in your Bedroom Box for all those naughty goodies); unscented baby wipes (you can sooo figure this one out on your own!). 


Give him a Happy Ending Massage: rub him from neck-to-heel, head-to-toe, and then finish him off with a well-lubricated hand job. Learn to speak sexy sentences in foreign languages such as Russian, French, Italian or Spanish~~~and master the accents by checking-out tapes from your local library. Surprise him with your chic sex-talk on a special evening of your choice. 

 Every few months in every-other chick magazine, one of the many relationship experts will write a serious article denouncing ‘the bar/club scene’, and how searching for a mate in that depravity-of-a-location will only lead to horrendous emotional disaster. Now, I am not a bar/club scene kinda chick, mostly because I can’t stand all that smoke in my hair; and I do agree that you have a better chance of finding a lasting STD than a lifetime mate in a bar/club, but hey, that’s only my opinion and not an actual fact and besides, I really think that too many experts spoil the drink! Because if you’re a single gal who’s still looking, sometimes it’s just about your lusty bod and not about your romantic emotions! And where better to find lust, than in a dank bar or glitzy night club that just screams immoral depravity?! So, here’s an idea that will turn a many a horny-male-two-headed-beast: when in a dark, noisy bar or club where everyone blends into one standing-room-only mass, you will always get noticed by sauntering up to the bar and saying in a loud, clear voice to the bartender: “God, I feel like a *Dirty Girl Scout in need of a *Big Unit, a *Ménage a Trios or a great *Piece of Ass! What do you recommend? Of course, a *Vibrator would be *Pure Ecstasy, then again, so would a *Lube Job or a *Wet Kiss that brings on a *Screaming Orgasm. Just make me one of those drinks, bartender, and than point me to all the naughty boys!” Hey, if you’re going to be a lusty slut on the prowl, you may as well fuel the twisted Male imagination!