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Europeans know how to hook-up for pleasurable&excellent sex in their Romantic Relationships…doesn’t matter if they’ve been with someone for two-years or twenty-years…sex comes First! Europeans have a much more relaxed and enjoyable life than nearly all Americans…because Europeans Know The Principle is Pleasure…and that negating to keep one’s hand-in for ‘the good sex’ fatally messes with a Romantic Relationship's MoJo; I learned that Fact a long time ago…which is why I determined to continually give my man the Paramount in Intimacy: the sweetest or the most-twisted one-on-one sex (depending on The Mood!)...regardless of what was happening between Us on a daily basis. Ladies, I highly recommend that you try thinking like a European chick when it comes to sex and that you should begin your transformation by stepping-out on the USA and getting some naughty goodies from the UK!

You should go online to, and put your first name into the box, pick your gender and then choose the Avatar that best describes how you see yourself sexually, and then hit send. Mine was: “N.A.N.N.E.T.T.E.: Nocturnal Amorous Nonconformist Needing Erotic Touches and Thrilling Embraces”. Well, damn! Who’da thought that a computer-chip could know me sooooooooo precisely! Now, go to the website and see what yours is. Come on, it’s fun!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Throw a Bad Girl Party~~~my good friend, Renee, owns the site, which is one of the finest online companies that cater to women who want to throw private parties to sell sexual-girly things for clandestine bedroom fun. These intimate parties that are thrown in private homes have many different names, like ‘slumber parties’ or ‘tea parties’~but the purpose is all the same: to introduce you to the opportunity to remove the blah out of your romantic relationship.

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