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50) The Quiet Man (1952)

 If February be the month of Love, then I declare March be the month of Lust! Sweet Ciao to dark chocolate-cherries&red velvet roses…Lusty Greetings to lovely wicked emerald-green panties&fine Irish liquor! Your motivation to keep your romantic relationship a sweet-n-lusty adventure is simply to assert monthly justification when purchasing whatever it takes to keep your sexy home-fire an all-consuming inferno. When you leave to go shopping for items like Motion Lotion and thigh-high stockings on your To-Get List, your man will be feeling soooooo lucky, he might just offer to shop with you so he can buy a few items of his own. A bit of a wee warning here: should he choose to buy a few items of his own that later make you wonder exactly what he was thinking, at least have the sweetness to smile and wink at him and keep his hope alive that you just might consider trying out that thing out…uh, yeah, soon. Don’t dash the man’s anticipation without at least a solid think-through. Go buy something sexy-green and have a lusty month! You should own: ~a pair of crotch-less panties~ ~a comfortable pair of handcuffs~ ~a flat-ended riding crop~ ~a leather blindfold~ ~a fancy garter-belt and garter~ ~Ben Wa balls~ ~satin sheets~ ~Bindi jewels~.

 Go to, and read-up on how to get into her One Woman Sex Show or her Goddess and Sluts Seminars. She is wonderful! Annie Sprinkle will re-train your brain to what a delightful sex life you can have if you will just see yourself as men see you.

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